Optimize Your Business

Optimize Your Business

Transform your mailstream. Revolutionize your communication.

Volly is a powerful new way to communicate and engage with your customers. We make it easy for them to check statements, pay bills, and manage finances. It’s free. It’s simple. It’s secure.

  • Partnering with Volly unlocks the power of Pitney Bowes’ advanced mailstream technology, allowing you to communicate with customers however they choose. Physically. Digitally. Or both.
  • We'll transform your mailstream into a tailored communication tool that optimizes your ability to serve customers like never before.
  • Build a richer, more interactive relationship with your consumers. Create your brand platform with logos, personal offers, one-to-one messaging, bill pay, and much, much more.

Go beyond digital mail and create a dialogue with your customers while delivering increased profitability to your bottom line.

  • Move the needle on your paper suppression and start saving immediately on physical printing and postage costs. 
  • Prove your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. Lead the way. Your customers will follow.
  • Let Volly remind your customers of payment due dates, as you watch revenue collection increase.
  • Enhance your online presence with customizable platforms that make your customers feel right at home.

How is all of this possible? Easy. We have the experience, technology and expertise with your industry. What makes us so confident?

Glad you asked...


Because we’re Pitney Bowes, you’ll benefit from nearly a century of trusted customer insight, worldwide partnerships and unrivaled expertise in all industries.

Volly offers:

  • Full integration into print streams in multiple places, allowing you to combine physical and digital mail into one comprehensive and efficient stream.
  • Low-cost, real-time digital delivery, without excluding customers who prefer paper-based communications
  • Instant reporting and real-time visibility into customer  behaviors to help you leap ahead of your competition and stay there

You can feel confident your business is backed by us. And your customers will too.

Engage Customers

Engage Customers

Excite the ones you have. Win the ones you don't have...yet.



Keep the needs of your customers front and center

  • Documents and files delivered and organized by brand in one simple interface
  • Statement and due date reminders that gently nudge customers to pay their bills on time
  • Secure and immediate access to important records and household documents from anywhere, at any time
  • User upload capabilities for important household documents



  • View all statements and pay bills to multiple accounts
  • Review past payments and statements and other important household documents
  • Receive automatic “payment-due” reminders on the digital device of their choice: desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet


Security and data privacy for you and your customers throughout Volly is fundamental to our success. Volly has a robust process which matches content to mail-based addresses.  We also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to safeguard your customer’s personal information, but it does not end there. All information transferred between you and your customer is encrypted and then decoded once it reaches your browser.  It’s end-to-end security you can count on.  Period.


Simple Set-Up

Simple Set-Up

Plug-and-play solutions that play well with just about everyone.



  • Easy integration to fit all processes of creating and printing physical mail.
  • Turnkey solutions to meet demands of both large and small businesses.
  • No disruption to your current physical mail services.
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    In the News

    Pitney Bowes Partners with Systemware on Volly™ Secure Digital Delivery Service

    STAMFORD, Conn., June 22, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) announced today that it has selected Systemware, Inc., a leading enterprise content management (ECM) company, as a technology partner for the Volly™ secure digital delivery service. The collaboration on digital mail will enable Systemware customers and prospects to easily transform, package and deliver all customer communications — statements, monthly bills, policy notices, etc. — electronically to consumers through the Volly™ secure digital delivery service.

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    In the News

    SafeNet and Pitney Bowes Collaborate on the First Cryptographically Secured Digital Mailbox in the Cloud

    BALTIMORE & STAMFORD, Conn., June 20, 2012 - SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection, and customer communications technology leader Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) today announced that the companies have joined forces to enhance the security of digital mail delivery in the cloud for consumers using Volly, a Pitney Bowes digital delivery service for online mail and bill payment.

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    In the News

    Volly™ Selects ProfitStars for Online Payments

    STAMFORD, Conn., June 21, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced that it has selected technology from the ProfitStars® division of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. to use with its Volly™ secure digital delivery service. This enables new one-click bill payments for consumers when Volly™ launches to consumers later this year.

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    In the News

    Australia Post Selects Volly™ from Pitney Bowes for Secure Delivery of Digital Mail

    STAMFORD, Conn., April 04, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) today announced that Australia Post has selected the Volly™ secure digital delivery system from Pitney Bowes Inc. to power the Australia Post Digital Mailbox service that is planned to roll out to households across Australia later this year.

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    In the News

    Pitney Bowes Announces Additional Strategic Alliances for Volly™ Secure Digital Delivery Service

    STAMFORD, Conn., July 12, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) announced today that more than fifty of the largest mailers in the United States have now signed agreements to offer digital delivery of bills, statements, financial documents and other content to their customers through the Volly™ secure digital delivery service.

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    In the News

    Volly™ Announces New Agreement with PageTech

    STAMFORD, Conn., January 9, 2013 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) announced today a new collaboration with PageTech, a leader in PCL (Printer Control Language) print stream conversion software, for the Volly™ secure digital delivery service. With this integration, a wider range of document providers, including small businesses, credit unions and print service providers, will have access to a digital platform. The alliance will enable PageTech clients to efficiently deliver their customer communications — statements, monthly bills, notices — electronically to consumers through Volly™ in an easily-viewed PDF format.

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Resources and other information


A Real Life Example: eComOne & e-Boks Case Study

Digital mail is a big success in Denmark. Today, more than half of Denmark’s population have made the choice to receive their mail through e-Boks, a secure electronic mailbox for receiving and archiving important personal documents.

Industry Background

With Volly, Pitney Bowes provides mailers with the first secure, multichannel mail experience built around your needs—and consumers' lives. This physical and digital mail solution integrates digital delivery and electronic payments into existing production mail workflows...

Creating Integrated Mail Systems: Technology with a Personal Touch

Production mail managers are being pulled in all directions. They need to figure out a way to deliver mail to customers through their preferred channels and boost efficiency and save money.